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Review of Rural Dreams

Rural Dreams, like its name implies, is a short story collection deeply rooted in country Australia. Reading it you can practically smell the dry grass, eucalyptus and stale pub carpet. It’s also about loss, leaving and returning, understanding the ‘other’, and the things you cling to but can never get back.’ Books and Publishing, August 2020

‘Alternatively funny, moving and tautly suspenseful, these varied narratives are linked by a concern with the landscape, culture and experience of rural Australians for the people who live there, those who have left and, often, those who are drawn to return.’ SA Weekend, Adelaide Times, October 2020

‘This was a great read. A collection of short stories loosely woven together, the characters were so vividly drawn that I entered every story completely.’ Imbi Neeme, winner of the 2019 Penguin Literary Prize for The Spill. October, 2020

‘Hickey eschews literary theatrics, instead focussing on the simplicity and gravitas of authentic moments. Each story is, in its own way, an opportunity for readers (no matter where they live) to pause and reflect on the myriad things that drive, motivate and inspire us.’ Book Lover Book Reviews, Nov 2020


The Gothic Genre

Dr Marg Hickey gives a brief overview of Gothic Literature: